Services Offered

Professional Preservation and Sales 

An Asset Manager wrote this:

"As an asset manager for a large hedge fund I've been in the REO and retail real estate industry for years working with hundreds of agents and Gary is the complete exception. He's not you're average agent who doesn't answer his cell, or cares only about the bottom line, money. He's not thinking about his pocket which makes him a rare find. The point is he's the real deal, has years of experience and he cares about people, enjoys doing things way above the mark with excellent quality service, holds a high level of integrity and going the extra mile. His real fulfillment in the real estate experience is realizing peoples dreams and making them happy. You cant put a price on that. As one of our preferred agents you will never regret hiring Gary."




When I am awarded an asset, I immediately go, check the locks, change them if necessary, padlock any gates, check for water and electricity, and head off any problems should this be a new acquisition.  I do not charge for these basic services.   I may ask the AM to purchase some materials if I don't have them, but I usually do.

When you renovate, I know what needs to be done, and what it should cost.  I NEVER participate in those fees.  I feel that's what the commission is for.  A lot of the basics I'll do if allowed.  I subsidise much of those costs because after all, if you don't make money, this would all be for naught.  I sell sell sell the privilege of working for professionals, that outside money is to be respected, and if it's not, you don't come back.  And believe me, I fired a few people.  It happens.

I use professional photographers, drone photos, signage and internet syndication to tell me where I am and direct me to direct you in pricing.  I report those figures once a week at a minimum.  And most importantly, I never miss a phone call.  That, to me, is the most important aspect of real estate sales.  We only need to sell an asset to one buyer.  That call could be that person.

Through a HUD contract, I established a relationship with American Title in Lake Worth Florida. HUD deals are cumbersome, and we haven't missed yet. Evictions, cash for keys... I get answers fast. And American knows business like I do. For the consideration of the title work, we get a lot of considerations in all aspects of real estate law. Recently, we worked as a team to dispose of 2 RV's, a trailer, and 3 boats along with some unpermitted "improvements" satisfying the town and avoiding any fines.  

When all is said in done, I guarantee you 100% effort, 100% integrity and 100% responsiveness.  Experience such as I have is rare.  This is something I love to do, the challenge, the results.  Go through some of my videos.  I think you'll see.

Coverage area.  I can service Miami Dade to Brevard County comfortably.  An AM who hired me to solve a problem told me that they like people to be within 30 miles.  There are people in this business that could live next door and not do the job.  I just leave the house earlier.