Finished projects



I have over 50 Zillow recommendations.  I'd have more but I sell and renovate multiple homes to the same buyers. The only less than five star was from a guy who wanted me to tip him off if I got an full priced offer, so he could match it.  I don't do business like that. He dinged me for my "negotiation skills".  It's a big reason why I like dealing with REO Pros.

Here is an asset that was partial completed.  When I went to inspect the property, I knew exactly what was wrong.  For less than $3500, we went from "blah" to "yah".  Check it out.  

  1. Here's a fix so simple, but so valuable. This was my flipper, and I'll show you the oldest trick in the book to gain quick entry.  Remember, this must be done on ALL pedestrian doors. They don't care if they get in the front or the back.  But it's a five dollar part that saves five thousand in grief.